"We offer an effective and flexible specialist cleaning process to suit your soft play area needs."

Iconic Success offers an environmental and child friendly deep cleansing and sanitising solution ideally suited to your range of business needs.

Typically our clients engage our cleaning operators for an initial deep clean followed by a bespoke and scheduled; monthly, quarterly or bi-annual cleaning package which is discussed during our FREE consultation.

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"A cleaning service you can trust"

Our fully trained and experienced staff complete the job, on-time and on budget without question and we provide a Certificate of Cleaning for you to display in your facility with a reminder of our next visit.

Our cleaning (subject to contract) includes the deep cleaning of your indoor or outdoor play centre which will sanitise and maintain your balls, ball pools, trampolines, climbing frames and all other soft play area equipment.

"The importance of cleaning"

With over-excited children, soft play areas are prone to the spread of bacteria and contamination and it is our responsibility and ethos to ensure that any time for cleaning is completed outside your normal operating hours.

Without regular cleaning, your facility is prone to the build-up of dirt and grime from constant use resulting in an increase in the spread of potentially harmful diseases and longer closures of your facility to rectify the situation.

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